Western Bandit’s Wheel Gun

Download Instructions: Western Bandit’s Wheel Gun
Western Bandit's Wheel Gun LEGO set - Source The LEGO GroupWestern Bandit's Wheel Gun LEGO set - Source The LEGO Group

Keep the Sheriff at bay with the Bandit’s Wheel Gun! With his wheeled gun, a revolver, and a lit stick of dynamite at the ready, this bandit’s not going down without a fight!

This is an easy build and a neat starter set. There are 2 guns on the top of that wagon and on the front, you can see a sign which says, ‘KEEP OUT’. There’s a black wheel on each side and a handle on the back where the minifig can move this wagon around. This set also comes with a barrel with a stick of dynamite. This set is cool for a small set and a great army builder.

The bandit comes with a brown cowboy hat, a white bandanna, a revolver, dark gray pants and a black jacket with a blue shirt. This minifig has black hair and a black beard on his face.

The build is 21 pieces in total and includes one Minifigure.