Metkayina Reef Home

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Metkayina Reef Home - Source The LEGO GroupMetkayina Reef Home - Source The LEGO Group

The LEGO Avatar Metkayina home sits on top of 2 pillars and a cliff, with ladders to the beautiful coral reefs of Pandora and swimming fish below.

This advanced LEGO® set features the Metkayina Reef Home, with a flexible roof and underwater decorations. Inspired by Avatar: The Way of Water

The set includes 4 Avatar minifigures Neytiri, Kiri, Ronal and Tonowari, three of which are taller than normal minifigures, proportional to their size in the movies, with unique hair and tails. The minifigures plus a toy canoe with oar, torch, double-pronged spear and kitchen utensils. The first minifigure has light blue legs, tail, torso, and head, with a bumpy black hair piece. The prints on his torso show it wearing some blue tusks tied to a rope wrapping around its chest. The second minifigure is turquoise, with a brown sack printed onto the torso. The legs also show a brown leather piece of clothing printed on. The third minifigure is also turquoise, with some rocks hanging from its neck printed onto the torso. It is also shown wearing an orange piece of clothing on the legs. The fourth minifigure is more blue, and is shown wearing a similar piece of clothing on its legs as the previous one. It is also wearing some orange tusks around its neck.

This set has 528 pieces and 182 steps.