Batman 1992 Screen-Reader Instructions

30653 | 40 Pieces

Set adapted by Alex Charbonneau and tested by Natalie Charbonneau

Build the iconic superhero Batman in this polybag! Polybags are great for a quick, relaxing build, or to add a new minifigure to your collection! This set includes the caped crusader, and a small portion of a building for him to pose on!

This front of the polybag shows a Batman minifigure standing on the corner of a building at night. He has a black cape billowing out behind him, and he wears a mask which covers all of his face except his mouth. He has a yellow oval with a bat in the center on his chest, and he holds a batarang – a boomerang shaped like the wings of a bat. Gotham Citystretches out behind him. A searchlight projects a bat symbol on the low clouds over the city. The corner of the building Batman is standing on is also made out of LEGO®. It is shaped like a gargoyle head with upwards pointing fangs.

The build is 40 pieces, and 14 building steps.

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